Scroll over the team member's picture for more information!
Scroll over the team member's picture for more information!

Ollie is the coordinator at our St Andrews club. The Starfish kids love his art skills and playing outdoors with him.


Starfish Manager - Charlie spends most of her time in the office at Starfish but can often be found at all three of the clubs. She has a strong passion for inclusion in the play environment and has worked with children in a range of settings over the last 18 years. Charlie enjoys painting, cooking and photography.


Max is the deputy coordinator at Cottesmore and the coordinator at St Paul’s on a Thursday for Starfish. He also works as a musician. He loves organising craft activities for the Starfish kids.


Jay is coordinator at St Barts and has been with Starfish since 2007. She loves playing with the kids and has four children of her own!


Felix is the deputy coordinator at St Andrews afterschool club. He plays in a band - & loves music and outdoor activities at Starfish!


Tig is the Administrative Assistant at Starfish, she loves spreadsheets, emails, communication and all things administration! She also runs the Lewes Youth Rock Orchestra and in her spare time she writes and occasionally performs.

Rali Sarker

Rali is a playworker at our Cottesmore setting. She also works at Cottesmore school as MDSA and covering Teaching assistant. In her spare time she is involved in plenty of community projects as part of her role as an Editor, Publisher and distributor of a community newspaper.

Anna Young

Anna is the co-ordinator of our Cottesmore setting. She loves to go swimming, take photographs and travel any chance she can get! She loves playing with the children and aims to inspire them to become the best versions of themselves!


Elizabeth is a playworker at our St Andrews club. She loves doing crafts with the kids and seeing all their weird and wonderful creations! In a previous life she worked as a pastry chef in London, and moved to Hove last year with her fat, loveable cat.


Ollie is a playworker at our St Andrews club. He enjoys playing outside with the kids as well as helping with their Lego constructions. When not at starfish, he loves playing guitar, attending gigs, and writing articles. Ollie is also a keen footballer.


Erini is a playworker at our Cottesmore after school club. She loves helping the children find their interest through a variety of new skills and most importantly have fun. She has experience with children through being a teacher and a volunteer at children organisations. In her free time she enjoys cooking, swimming and spending time with her family.


Dan is a playworker at our Cottesmore after school club. Dan loves sport and involving that in afterschool club activities. He enjoys playing group games with the children and running around outside. Dan also works as an Individual Needs Assistant at Cottesmore School. In his spare time he likes to watch movies and socialise with his friends.


Sadie is a playworker and works at many of the settings. Sadie enjoys doing arts and crafts activities with the children at the clubs. Outside of Starfish Sadie enjoys photography and spending time with her friends and family.


Rupert is bank staff at St Andrews and works in our holiday clubs. He loves playing basketball, cycling and being outdoors. Rupert previously being involved with forest school, loves to help kids enjoy nature and if there's a tree to climb, he'll be up it.


Alice is a play worker at our St Andrews Club and she also works as a Teaching Assistant at St Andrews School. She enjoys getting the children involved in innovative arts and crafts activities, encouraging all age groups to have a go! She has also worked with children in many countries across the globe, including Thailand, New Zealand and Bulgaria.


Tamara has a degree in Psychology and a Master's in Social and Community Psychology. Originally from Italy, she has been living in Brighton for 2 years and absolutely adore's it. She also works as an Individual Needs Assistant at St Bartholomews. Tamara loves cooking and baking and she is a keen supporter of kindness and inclusion.


Conor is a playworker at our St Paul's club and is a recent graduate of fine art painting at the university of Brighton. Conor loves making music and art, especially painting. He loves creating things with the children, and seeing their imagination come to life.


Sheryl has been a volunteer at Starfish for over 20 years. She loves helping out with various activities including icing biscuits and potato printing.


Ayami is a playworker at St Pauls, and she also works at Bevendean Primary as an MDSA. She has always been passionate about understanding the connection between mental well-being process and play and finds creative inspiration and joy working with children. She also belongs to Brighton Surf Life Saving Club and is a keen practitioner of bodysurfing, bike-packing, wild camping, hand standing, and ice cream making all year round. She holds a degree in Dance and a master in Digital Documentary.