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Scroll over the team member's picture for more information!

Ollie is the coordinator at the St Andrews club. The Starfish kids love his art skills and playing outdoors with him.


STARFISH MANAGER - Paul spends most of his time in the office at Starfish but can often be found at St Barts. He particularly enjoys seeing the children from all different age groups form new friendships with each other. Paul also sings, plays piano and wrote the sell out Fringe show Epicene.


Max is the coordinator at St Paul’s school for Starfish. He also works as a musician. He loves organising craft activities for the Starfish kids.


Jay is coordinator at St Barts and has been with Starfish since 2007. She loves playing with the kids and has two children of her own!

Ray - Group Coordinator

Ray is the Group Coordinator at our Cottesmore club. He is also an artist, teacher and writer who is fond of creative crafts and messy art projects.


Felix is the deputy coordinator at St Andrews afterschool club. He plays in a band - & loves music and outdoor activities at Starfish!


Nina is studying international relations and Mandarin at Sussex University. She sings in a jazz band, and loves music and art, especially drawing. Nina enjoys helping kids grow through playing games, being creative and baking.


I have a choreography and dance degree and love introducing dance and movement to children’s creative play. I love all things outdoors and Disney, and spent the last 5 years in America working for the Walt Disney Company. I can’t wait to introduce some games and activities to the children that I learnt from Disney.


Ezra has always enjoyed looking after children as he has a big family and lots of nieces and nephews. Ezra is currently studying a flexible part time degree, focusing on science modules and child psychology.

Charlie  - Playworker

Charlie has a strong passion for inclusion in the play environment and has worked with children in a range of settings over the last 16 years. Charlie enjoys painting, cooking and photography and also works as an individual needs assistant at St Andrews school.


Sally works at the St Andrews library club. She loves making things and enjoys art and craft activities and also cooking cakes and biscuits.


Kathleen is a playworker. In her spare time she writes for a music and arts magazine and loves to plan creative activities for the children!

Ollie Ruis framed crop

Ollie Ruis enjoys playing outside with the kids as well as helping with their Lego constructions. When not at starfish, he loves playing guitar, attending gigs, and writing articles. Ollie is also a keen footballer.


Sheryl is a volunteer at Starfish. She loves helping out with various activities including icing biscuits and potato printing.

LESLEY - Playworker

Lesley - Playworker.

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